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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Digital camera review (Fujifilm FinePix S700)

Pros • Takes both xD and SD memory cards • Natural light mode excellent for daytime photos • 10x optical zoom great for mountain and landscape shots • 2-second timer works in lieu of remote release • Auto-bracketing • Internally zooming and focusing lens Cons • Lacks a permanent battery-life indicator • Not all settings [...]

Traveling together

We can do all the things other couples do while traveling, If only you would just be here. We can be naive and discuss occasions, Prematurely plan the seasons, Talk about what we miss from back home, Then fall silent to contemplate the reasons. I’ll build us a hut in the mountains Where we can [...]


For now view photos here. This is only what I’ve been able to upload so far, which isn’t even a quarter of the total number of photos I’ve taken. I’ll add captions so the photos make more sense when I’m on a faster connection (compared to the dial-up I’m on right now).

Picture of India

It’s a different world in some ways, where they still repair things (like shoes) instead of swiftly replacing them; where paper is harder to come by than cloth most of the time; pedestrians yield to cars, not the other way around, and slower cars must give way to faster-moving ones. Here garbage sits on the [...]

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