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Monthly Archives: December 2007


3:17 PM If I had a dollar for every self-portrait on Flickr of a shy housewife-type in a seductive pose or dress looking for attention and gratification, I’d be a rich man. And I only know the ones that make it to Explore! 3:31 PM Photo of the day, taken at Dal Lake in Srinagar, [...]

What I’m reading

On Christmas Day we went to a Thai restaurant and had chicken curry and rice for brunch (because nothing else was open). As we were leaving, we saw this book at a table near the entrance to the restaurant. The title caught our attention, and I decided to take the book. I’m almost half way [...]

Hard to say I’m sorry

Song I heard after a long time on Friday, and it hasn’t left me since. I remember I first heard it a few years ago, at a Tim Horton’s near my university residence in Toronto where I used to go some night to study. For some reason the radio station they listened to at that [...]

“A Rare Union of Persia & India”

I had never heard the setar before – not to be confused with the Indian sitar. The performance below is really great, and I really like the title (in quotes above) the original blog post gave it.

No title #3

I’ll see to you in a minute, life Please wait there in the corner. A love’s-a-calling.

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