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Monthly Archives: July 2008

New computer setup

This is something I don’t usually do, post tech talk on here, but I feel like listing just how I’m setting up my new computer. It came pre-installed with Vista x64, which I would prefer to use, but a bunch of the photo-editing software I want to use – which I essentially bought the computer [...]

7/30/08 / Sugar

2:16 PM Watching The Tin Drum.  So far it seems to be translated quite literally from book-form to movie-form.  I think for anyone watching it without having read the book, it would just seem strange and even random. 11:05 AM My new computer should arrive today. I’m watching Pleasure for Sale (NY Times Review), a [...]

7/28/08 / Palm

7:17 PM Over the past ten years I’ve had three computers.  Now that I’m moving on to a 4th, I was just comparing in my mind how much things have changed (or haven’t changed) over 10 years.  The biggest change over the years is that they’ve gotten cheaper, by a couple hundred dollars each time. [...]

7/26/08 / Buddha

3:08 PM I finished Deepak Chopra’s Buddha.  My primary motivation for reading it was to compare it to Hesse’s Siddhartha – not to see if it’s better or worse, but to see whether the message it conveys is similar and whether it’s conveyed in a similar way. I enjoyed Buddha, but it is nowhere near [...]

7/22/08 / Crazy

9:18 AM I can’t believe I didn’t write about this earlier, because it was so…odd.  A few weeks ago, while I was having a coffee at Panera Bread one evening, a man in his 50s came up to me and started talking.  I was playing with my new camera so I thought he was going [...]

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