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7/07/08 / Copenhagen

11:59 PM Since the site is still loading slow, I’m assuming K2 isn’t the problem.  Maybe it’s one of the widgets I’m using in the sidebar.  At least I’m getting closer to figuring out what’s slowing the site to a crawl.

11:45 PM Changed the site theme to the default Kubrick.  I hope this speeds it up to its old self.

10:59 PM I was disappointed to see Federer lose to Nadal after the longest Men’s final match in Wimbledon history.  It was a great match though, and apparently it drew the highest viewer ratings since 2000.


9:02 PM Watching Burn Notice on  The site interrupts the show with 30-second ads here and there, but that’s a pretty decent price to pay.

The show is a bit Dexter-esque (especially in the first-person narration of the protagonist), minus the occasional TnA Dexter can afford thanks to being broadcast on premium cable.  Overall I think I prefer it to Dexter.  The supporting actors are more likeable.

8:00 PM Here we go, here’s what the world – and especially Africa – needs: easier ways for people who can’t afford them to make more kids.  Now, I understand what these generous people are trying to do (make life easier for the shunned women who can’t have children), but is this really the solution?

By the way, I apologize for the site being so slow.  It’s the K2 theme I’m running (not the photos on the homepage like I thought it was).  I’m going to change to another one soon so it won’t be a problem anymore.

3:09 PM Two (seemingly random) surveys I’ve come across in the news today:

Denmark world’s happiest country (article):

  • Denmark is first on the list
  • Zimbabwe is last
  • The U.S. is ranked 16
  • Overall the world is getting happier

French world’s most obnoxious tourists (article):

  • French are the worst (least-friendly)
  • Japanese are the friendliest
  • Americans are 11th, tied with the Thais

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