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7/08/08 / Roma

12:13 PM Went through my old desktop that I last used 3 years ago because I wanted to see what documents I have on there.  Found a few old essays I’m posting to the Essays/Documents.  (I haven’t read these since they were turned in for their respective classes.)

8:48 AM I’ve been published.

2:51 AM Can’t sleep.

Recent customer service experiences (color indicates boycott level):

  • Hewlett Packard: I blogged about them earlier.
  • Chase: I was two days late paying my last bill.  As far as I remember this is my first infraction with them, after being with them for over a year, yet they refuse to reverse the $29 late fee as a first-time courtesy.  I was even more late paying a couple of other bills, but they didn’t charge me any late fees.  I’ve been back and forth with them over e-mail, and each time I get the same generic response, something like “Since you did not make the payment on time pursuant to your cardmember agreement, we regret we cannot reverse the late fee.  However, you can sign up for automated payments to avoid being assessed further late fees.”  I had the same issue with Citi once, where they wouldn’t reverse a $25 late fee for a charge of less than $1.  This was when I was out of town and before I could pay bills online.  I boycotted Citi credit cards that day (and didn’t pay that late fee).

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