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7/09/08 / Calories

5:53 PM A perspective I never really considered before:

“In our Declaration of Independence,” he said, “we consecrate ourselves as a nation to the pursuit of happiness.  That in itself is an admission of habitual discontent.  One needn’t pursue what one already possesses.”

-Tom Robbins’ Villa Incognito, pg. 124-125 (italics author’s)

10:30 AM So far I’m really liking Windows Live Writer, how seamlessly it integrates with my WordPress installation, and how well it uploads formatting, photos, tags, and categories.  Possibly the best feature is that you can make changes to a post after publishing it right through Live Writer.

8:34 AM Secret to living longer is to eat less.

This goofy looking car gets 235 MPG!

VW One-Liter

VW One-Liter

It’s the Volkswagen One-Liter, so called because it takes one liter (roughly 1/4 gallon) to go 100 km (60 miles).  It weighs 660 pounds and seats two!

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