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8/13/08 / Miles

6:24 PM It doesn’t feel real yet, but I’m moving!  I won’t say where right now, but I will say that I’m changing time zones.  I’ll have a lot of pictures to post soon – not sure when but soon.

12:59 PM Last night I was flipping through channels and landed on ABC Family.  Some Disney made-for-TV movie or show was playing, and it highlighted for me why our culture is in the state of decadence that it’s in, especially when it comes to sex.

This movie (or show or whatever it was) was about high school cheerleading.  The lead girl had transferred schools and was having some trouble adapting.

  • The leader of the cheerleading squad was black.  Her main posse were another black girl and a Hispanic girl.  They referred to the “white girl” having an “ass”.  The movie was about cheerleading.
  • The girls communicated via cell phones throughout their day, whether they were in class, in the cafeteria, or the bathroom.
  • The quarterback of the football team asked the pizza-delivery guy whether he “got any ass” on his job, the way they show in some porn films.

I wasn’t even aware that words like “bitch” and “ass” were allowed to be aired on a channel such as ABC Family!  I could look up exactly what feature this was, but I actually don’t want to single out any one show or movie because this problem (if you can call it that) pervades all society and media, from music to magazines to movies.  I’m going to sound like an old-head, but to me it’s scary and disappointing that it’s these girls on TV that today’s teenage girls are looking up to as they go through adolescence.

12:41 PM I’m glad to see that Americans are responding to the environmental and financial crisis caused by rising oil prices by driving less.  From article:

Since last November, U.S. motorists have driven 53.2 billion fewer miles than they did over the same period a year earlier, topping the 1970s total drop in U.S. miles traveled of 49.3 billion miles that was caused by several recessions and increases in gasoline prices over the decade.

I’m also hoping to be driving less in the year coming up.

On a separate note, I decided to make a travel map pinpointing all the places I’ve traveled to this summer, new and old.  Here’s what it looks like:

Summer travel map

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