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8/23/08 / DNC

PP building in Denver

5:04 PM We drove through Denver today, and as we passed a Planned Parenthood, we noticed at least 50 protestors with large posters of fetuses and the like outside on the sidewalk.  One man was talking into a loudspeaker about how God is loving and merciful but he is also a God who judges, and those inside the abortion clinic will all be judged and will all go to hell.  There were a couple of police cars onsite, I guess making sure nothing gets out of hand, and there were several press photographers and videographers (I saw one photographer with a large AP badge hanging from his neck).

There were little kids there with their families, picketing alongside the adults, and as I drove past these people, I felt a slight sinking in my heart.  I felt sad that these kids didn’t even know what they were being exposed to, that they were being taught that it’s proper and right to impose your own views upon others.  We decided to pull over and stop to see the drama for a little bit.  As one car was coming out of the gated parking lot of the abortion center, one woman yelled across the street “Shame on you!”

The Democratic National Convention is being held in Denver this week, so it made sense that people were picketing more fervently than usual.  But still, on one hand I’m startled that people believe so strongly in their convictions that they go out and prepare posters and get up early and carry heavy wooden crosses on their backs (I saw at least two people doing just that), and on another I’m disappointed and saddened that people can’t just let others be, and let them seek help and guidance when they want to instead of trying to force it upon them.

I’m not even talking about the issue at stake here, abortion.  My issue is with the way people go about dealing with issues that are of concern to them.  There is a right way and a wrong way.  I believe that you should not – you cannot – impose your views on another person, as long as they’re not causing you or anyone else any harm.

Now, since I won’t impose this view of mine on anyone, things have to go on just the way they’re going, and all these words I’ve written here have been for no one’s good but my own.

[I found an article about the exact facility (pictured above) we drove by today.]

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