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Garage sales rock!

Today I went to 6 (maybe 7, I don’t remember exactly) different garage sales around town.  I was looking for items like shoe rack, lamps, garbage cans, used bike for commuting, and vacuum cleaner.  I found some things and not others, but some of the more interesting catches were:

  • Western Digital Passport 2.5″ portable hard drive – 50 cents!  (I wasn’t surprised when I got home to find that it doesn’t exactly work.  I submitted a tech-support ticket to WD through their website.  The guy who sold it didn’t know what it was.  I wasn’t sure either, but seeing that it had the WD logo on it, I figured it’s hard drive related.)

Sterilite Blueberry Ultra Wastebasket 24 Qt. 10621088 - 54 Quart Low-Profile Swing-Top Wastebasket

  • Essentially new Sterilite trash containers (without the lid) – Two 24 Qt./23 L cans for $1 each, two 54 Qt./51 L cans for $2 each.  They even have the Sterilite stickers still on them.

  • SanDisk 256 MB CompactFlash card.  I’m not sure how much this came out to individually because I bought it along with a couple of other trinkets.

  • The girl sold it to me for $2!  She said she inherited it from her grandparents.  I inspected it thoroughly and it seems very well-made – at least much better than the ones they make today.  It’s probably at least 20 years old.  I tried it after coming home and it works.  It’s not great but it’s well worth $2.  Here’s a description of it I found online:

The Model L is like the S but has a cordwinder ring for the power cord and required an extension cord which can be unplugged for weight consumption. It also came with a smaller motor which had smaller fans but used a little more power to keep the same suction. It also has larger wheels and 1 clip for the bag door. Excellent small machine and has the same purpose as the previous model S. The only other great feature was an external plug for a beater brush or power nozzle as the were called. They either attached a cord to the hose or an electric hose which had a pigtail to plug the hose in that brings the power to the handle for the power nozzle.

We didn’t find any lamps or bookshelves but we did find a great wooden cutting board for the kitchen, and a nice rack to put our shoes on as we enter the apartment.  Not bad for a day’s work.  In all we spent around $30 for everything!

How I found the garage sales: I searched, a couple of days in advance, for garage sales taking place on Sunday on the local Craigslist.  This morning, I went to Live Maps and mapped out all their locations.  It looked like below:

Map image

The next step was to get general directions to each place (I didn’t know which order I would be going to the places in, so I couldn’t get specific to/from directions).  For that I found Live Maps’ 1-click directions feature to be great.  It gave general directions to the chosen location from all four directions (north, south, east, west).  It looked like this:


Armed with my laptop, the general map with pushpins for each location, and a specific page like above for each garage sale I planned to attend, we headed off.  This way we ended up wasting very little time and gas driving around looking for where to go.  In the process we detoured to a couple of other sales we found through signs on lampposts.

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