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11/06/08 / Vroom

8:27 PM Coming to Colorado – specifically to Boulder – I thought I would encounter better, more sensible drivers.  But even here I realize drivers are much the same as everywhere else: impatient and lacking in some basic sense.

It baffles me when I see cars and SUVs flying past me, accelerating, adding speed, only to have to brake at the red light they can clearly see less than a quarter mile up ahead.  Not only are they reducing their gas mileage, they’re causing more wear on both their engine (when they accelerate) and their brakes (to lose that speed they just picked up for no reason).

I’m not saying they need to hit the brakes that far back, but at least let off the gas pedal when you can clearly see:

  1. That the light up ahead is red
  2. It’s a major intersection, so it’ll be a while before the light turns
  3. There’s already a long line of cars in your line sitting at the light, so chances are you’ll have to slow down (if not come to a complete stop) before you get to go again!

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