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3/09/09 / Kid

9:15 AM I can still feel yesterday’s hike in my calves.

From the State Parks website:

Eldorado Canyon Trail
Permitted: pedestrians and horses
Miles paved: 0
Miles non-paved: 3.5
Total distance: 3.5 one-way
Usage: Moderate
Degree of difficulty: Moderate/Difficult
Beginning Elevation: 6,000
ADA accessible: No
Pets: Yes, and on six foot leash under control at all times
Comments: It gains over 1,000 feet in elevation and intersects the Walker Ranch Loop for a potential 14 mile moderate/difficult lollipop-loop hike (Eldorado Canyon Trail-3.5 miles, Walker Ranch Loop-7 miles, back to the Inner Canyon on Eldorado Canyon Trail-3.5 miles). You can also access our Crescent Meadows property via the Eldorado Canyon Trail.

I’ll post pictures later.

9:05 AM Random thought inspired from Musil’s The Confusions of Young Torless:

I wonder, given how similar we are in personality and even character,


The way you appear to me – aloof and often distant; withdrawn and whimsical; hard to interpret and comprehend as to what your intentions are


How I appear to those who have tried to deal with me in the past, present, and even future.

Of course, I base this question on two assumptions, that the character of two people can indeed be alike, and that the comparison I am making – between you and I who are similar and between myself and others who are not – is a valid one.

8:46 AM PC Magazine writes about deleting your account from various services.

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