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Monthly Archives: May 2009

5/29/09 / Throng

6:39 PM Why are Indian people such nerds? Seven of eleven winners in the latest Spelling bee were Indian. What I found more interesting were a couple of comments about the event: Argh! As an Indian, I don’t like it at all. What is the point of learning to spell at a freakish level? I [...]

5/28/09 / Drive

9:34 AM An idea for an ad that occurred to me last night: In the empty space I would add the image of a bottle for a sports-drink called “It”. The ad could be for a brand of sports-drink or for a blood-drive.

5/25/09 / Paris

2:13 PM On US Airways flight 482, I came across a flaring grammatical error in the official US Airways magazine. (Click the picture below to visit article.) I was even more surprised that the article wasn’t fixed online, but as I’m sure it will be sooner or later (after a barrage of comments from readers), [...]

5/24/09 / Din

4:39 PM Last night I was here with my family, attending a concert for the living legend Jagjit Singh. The venue was Prudential Hall at NJPAC in Newark, NJ. It was beautiful, and before the show started, I was staring at the stage and thinking about all the hard work that went into setting everything [...]


Photos from a recent day trip to the town of Breckenridge.

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