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Monthly Archives: June 2009

MTB: Rear tire review

As of right now I’ve got a stash of tires that I’ve been trying to choose between for a rear tire. My front tire, the Ritchey Excavader WCS serves me well. For the rear my current arsenal includes: Forte Sherwood XC Continental TwisterPro Panaracer FireXC Pro 1.8 WTB MotoRaptor 2.14 (haven’t tested yet) Continental Mountain [...]


I have started a 365 photo project.

6/11/09 / Manhattan

Song of the day EhsaanMereDilPeTumharaby squarecut I had been searching for this song for a long time, and just now came to remember when I opened up OneNote and say a note to myself to look for it. Not surprisingly it didn’t take long to find it today (as opposed to a few years ago [...]

6/10/09 / Yoj

extend your heart center… tuck in your tailbone… roll in your inner thighs… send your breath to where you feel tension… Just some of the terms you hear in a yoga class. I always feel funny when I hear them because even though I know what they’re trying to say they still sound so odd. [...]

Day trip / macro shots

This (below) is what makes Colorado…Colorado – this and not being offered a plastic bag by default no matter how small a purchase may be at the grocery or drug store. Another shot taken while driving a dirt road. We stopped at a park and I did some shooting with the macro lens. (View here.) [...]

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