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Online forum are a funny thing. You go there to discuss products, places, techniques, etc. on your favorite hobbies and activities. As I’ve noted before, forums are notorious for A vs. B comparisons (be it Canon vs. Nikon, full-suspension vs. hardtail, or jQuery vs. Prototype). Generally, people are strongly opinionated about one or the other, or they’re quick to point out that it really doesn’t matter, just enjoy yourself.

What’s interesting, however, is when you go on a forum looking for an opinion on something specific, whether it be a product or a place or anything else. You go expecting clarity, and, much of the time, the opposite is what you find. Take mountain biking for example: Someone says a particular trail is easy-breezy, while another says the very same trail was a chore and very difficult; Joe found the tires too heavy and not worth the durability, whereas John thought they’re worth it because what he was using before was giving him too many pinch-flats.

My point is, if you’re even the least bit observant, it doesn’t take long to realize that opinions can and often do vary a lot for almost everything. (If you think about it, wouyld there be so many options in the first place for everything if opinions weren’t so different? If we all could agree – even if only to a broad degree – on anything particular, would there be x other options to make our life more difficult?)

Sometimes it really doesn’t matter what others think; you should just shut up and ride, as they say.

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