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Monthly Archives: October 2009

10/31/09 / Thermos

I bought myself a Thermos today. The idea is to bring coffee or tea with me to the library to do work instead of spending $2 (at least) everytime to go to a coffee shop. It was only $5! This world, I’m realizing more and more to my dismay, is built not for breadth, but [...]

On Cougar Town

I’m actually not sure how to feel about the new ABC show Cougar Town. It’s a show about a 40-something divorced single mother (played by Courtney Cox) who’s essentially horny. Of the couple of episodes I’ve seen, there are new elements to sexuality in television I’m finding that I hadn’t seen before. For example: Her [...]

10/29/09 / @id

OMG! We’ve been duped by the Swiss!! From article: But many consumers are feeling deceived now that the company has been outed for failing to tell the public that its bottles were not BPA-free, at least not the ones that were manufactured before August 2008. Song of the day

10/25/09 / 12k

I wonder how certain social norms came about. For example, why is it socially acceptable to blow your nose in public but not to pick it? Why is it acceptable for your stomach to growl but it’s embarassing to fart? I think about these things.

10/12/08 / Bridge

How embedded is this thing called life in the physicality that surrounds and divides it? It’s a question of what I call, for some time now, the sheer physicality of things. The question, in other words, is how much does where we live affect our life? Our house, the shops we buy from to furnish [...]

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