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Monthly Archives: November 2009

11/30/09 / Envelope

Jaspal Bhatti’s Flop Show OMG! I randomly remembered one of the funniest shows from growing up (sorry, it’s in Hindi)! It’s actually online!! It’s called Flop Show and it’s by Jaspal Bhatti. E-readers If record sales of an expensive electronic reading device are any indication, I take comfort in the fact that reading as an [...]

11/29/09 / Hua

“Thank you” and “Thanks” The phrase “thank you,” even in its short form of “thanks” has too many letters – twice as many, in fact, as it ought to. I’m glad people have managed to dwindle it down to only three letters. The journey went as follows: thank you thank s thanx thnx thx Pretty [...]

11/28/07 / Bijli

Song of the day Roll me on your frozen fields break my bones to watch them heal drown me in your thirsty veins where i watch and i wait and pray for the rain curl like smoke and breathe again down your throat inside your ribs and through your spine and every nerve where i [...]

11/27/07 / Bura

Thank God Thanksgiving is over. It is, I’ve determined, the 2nd most boring day of the year. (Christmas and New Year’s day are tied for first.) Song of the day (ignore the video) Na mohabbat na dosti ke liye by Jagjit Singh कल जवआनि का हश्र्र क्या होगा सोच आज दो घधि के लिये वक्त्त [...]

11/25/09 / Zoo York

Song of the day Kiss me with your cherry lipstick Never wash you off my face Lay back baby and we’ll do this right There’s blankets in back we can use I’ll start the car, but we’ll stay in park The cold can kill us before fumes Now’s the right time for a good song [...]

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