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How to: Make a how-to list

  1. First and foremost, keep the goal in mind. Read my lips when I tell you that there is only one goal: Quantity (of readers) over quality (of content). It doesn’t matter what you write; all that matters is that people read it, and tell others to read it. Everything you do, everything following this point, is with that goal in mind.
  2. Pick a topic that’s already been written about numerous times. For inspiration, look on the cover of any of the popular interest magazines like Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan. They are experts at recycling old advice in new ways.
  3. Don’t be afraid to “borrow” knowledge. The internet is supposed to be a sharing medium, so share what others are sharing, be a taker and a giver at the same time. (And don’t stress out about attributing credit to the actual writers; writing is a selfless art, take and you shall receive.)
  4. Use pictures. People love pictures, even when they have nothing in particular to do with the topic you’re giving advice on. Sexualize, as much as possible for the topic and type of website you’re posting on. We love sex. Something like this:

    Sexual 1

  5. If you really want to get taken seriously, then do make an effort to add something of value: some piece of advice you’ve actually thought up yourself, or some relevant knowledge that’s new and not to be found in popular press just yet.
  6. Depending on how interesting your own life is, sharing personal anecdotes could work for or against you. Start off by sharing a small number of your most interesting ones and assess the response.

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