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On whites and their so-called supremacy

It’s curious how only whites have the hubris to congregate and declare themselves supreme; that they form social organizations to keep land (and other resources) away from immigrants – land they themselves stole from others hundreds of years ago.

I’d like to see some Oriental or Latino supremacist groups. It would be nice to balance things out a bit. When my parents decided to leave India and move to N. America, for many years I was of the thought that we are in the land of others; that it’s a privelege I should feel grateful for and so on and so forth. I felt like the white people, by forming this great capitalist country, were doing me and mine a huge favor.

Only recently I’ve decided that I was utterly naive – I actually feel angry at myself for my former point of view, for being so innocent and foolish. This land is no more the white man’s land than it is mine or someone’s from Liberia or Chile; hell, you could even say that this land didn’t even belong to the Indians who the whites stole it from (to the extent that land can belong to someone).

As for doing favors, whose mental labor are the CEOs of America getting rich off if not immigrants? Who works the farms and meat factories that otherwise no one would touch if not illegal immigrants? Have they given us something by “letting” us be here, or are we funding their mansions and luxury cars and leisure time to harvest supremacist thoughts from our labor? The immigrants that are allowed in legally, are they allowed in because Americans are caring and compassionate toward all humankind, or because they can contribute to the coffers of the powers that be? Is money gain and greed not the bottom line?

My favorite bumper sticker of all time reads: “Sick of immigrants? Tell it to the Indians.”

A few years ago I was of the belief “Learn English or go back where you came from.” Now I say what the hell, let Latinos and Spanish take over – if it wouldn’t be them then it would be another racial group. The point is that what goes around comes around, and the white man’s “reign” is slowly on the decline. It might not happen in my lifetime, but to do my part, without violence, I can sit back and say “Fuck you” (with a smile, of course).

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