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On work and happiness

Quotation from The Art of Serenity

Just picked up this book off my Dad’s bookshelf, and came across this passage:

Happiness doesn’t mean gratification of all the senses, or constant and frenzied pursuit of excitement. We overvalue leisure time, and some people even try to figure out ways to rest during work hours. They keep complaining about their work and lack of sufficient time for relaxation. Yet if they allow themselves even greater leisure time, they experience deeper unhappiness. This is because the problem is not with the insufficiency of leisure time but with the concept of leisure itself. The fact is that leisure is enjoyable only if it follows work. A person who is genuinely engaged in his work is not preoccupied with whether he is happy or not.

-T. Byram Karasu’s The Art of Serenity, pg. 42

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