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7/25/10 / Naga

Overwhelmed by choice

An edited version of a proposal for study I wrote up for a Ph.D. program I applied to (and didn’t get in to):

To keep track or not…that is the question

There’s a part of me that wants to record things, like the books I’ve read and when (which I do record), the movies I’ve seen and when (also record), and, most of all, the people I’ve met and know.

I’ve met people in various circumstances and gotten to know them to varying degrees. From one acquiantance to deep friendships of several years, this part of me wants to record it all, maybe to look back and reminisce later, or maybe for others to see after I’m gone.

Then another part of me simply asks “What’s the point?” It’s all going to get left behind anyway, right? Is there something all this is accumulating to? There isn’t. They’re just experiences, and I should enjoy them as individual ones, instead of searching for any patterns or meanings in them.

Which part do I listen to?

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