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8/03/10 / Farm

We are an ungrateful people

I don’t mean just in the big sense – having this wonderful life to live, living in the United States, etc., etc. – but rather the small, everyday stuff. Like Yahoo! Mail. Like Dropbox and Live Mesh. These services are offered to us for “free”, while someone “back there” has to take care of them, maintain them, make sure they work as directed and are available to serve us when we need them to. And we don’t give the services or the people behind them a second thought.

Then the cynic/realist in me remembers: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Nothing is free, and these companies wouldn’t be offering anything for free, if, in the end, they didn’t expect it to make them money – however circuitious that path from “free new service” to some entitled overweight schmuck at Goldman Sachs having a greed orgasm over the company’s latest earnings report.

So it all comes back to what Krishna said: All is as it should be.

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