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Monthly Archives: September 2010

My Generation

Finally an interesting show from ABC, called My Generation, that catches up with a group of young adults from Austin, Texas ten years after high school. One thing I can’t tell, however, is whether the show is actually for real or if it’s staged. I mean there has to be some staging and acting involved, [...]

Precious commentary

2010 Commonwealth Games These comments, in response to an article about India’s lack of preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, are quite funny and carry a lot of subtext (cultural stereotype and intolerance anyone?). If only their authors could spell and successfully assemble simple sentences I would be inclined to take them seriously, but they’re [...]

On Nikon’s taxonomy

[I thought about whether to post this or not, because it's rather trivial and inconsequential. But I haven't written in a while, and that's not good for SEO, so I'll write it just for that reason (if not to simply get something trivial and inconsequential off my chest)] I’m confounded by Nikon‘s taxonomy for their [...]

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