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I know the goddamn secret!

I have figured it out. While sitting at a religious ritual it came to me as something important was being recited. And it’s really no secret but it’s worth mentioning regardless.

When religious rites and ceremonies and traditions were being invented, then practiced, then cemented into history to be passed down to posterity in their current form, man had less to do, and more time on his hands. It’s really that damn simple.

This came to me as the pundit was explaning one of the mantras we were reciting. He mentioned something about “evening mantras”, and that’s when it came to me. It sounds rather absurd, evenings mantras, morning mantras, etc. Who has time for these things in today’s world? And when someone posits that question they’re called heretics, disrespectful, degenerate progeny of learned ones.

My epiphany is that the world was no more sacred in the sacred times than it is today. People just had more time, so the practical concern is what were they supposed to do with it? They didn’t have the internet, cable television, air travel, and every other advancement that characterizes the modern world. So between the advent of agriculture and the industrial revolution, man just had a lot of goddamn time.

If man really were more enlightened in those times, we wouldn’t have stories of lewd human behavior transpiring in those times, as in all times since the birth of mankind. Murder, rape, torture, etc. – all these were prevalent in the days when God was being found, spoken to, and taken timeless instructions from. It’s not because man was any better or worse than today, he was the same as today. He just didn’t have all the outlets available today for his time, and so his efforts went to what was available, namely, mental contemplation, meditation on God and philosophy, and finally the (slow) invention of all those important milestones that led to this, the era of the greatest progress mankind has ever seen.

No wonder Mohammed asked his followers to pray 5 times a day, because they had the time for it back then! (I seriously doubt they “made” the time for it, the way people are led into doing these days with guilt and fear.) The day was as long then as it is short today, and praying 5 times a day does not sound rather excessive considering the sheer lack of things to do back then.

I say it’s not a secret because any thinking man knows that anything with (and some things even without) a brain adapts with time. Animals do it, even brainless plants do it. It’s how unthinking beings naturally operate. Yet somewhere along the way man, the thinking, superior being, lost that little nugget of intuition due to his…complex social psychology. Or perhaps it’s not really lost but just actively suppressed (an impressive feat in its own right, given its persistence over such a long time).

Guilt be damned, and fear be double-damned. God’s so-called wrath is not to be allayed through worship or his will ameliorated with prayer. Sure, he is timeless, but that’s not the same as saying methods of acknowledging and appreciating him don’t change with time like everything else in life. They are no exception.

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