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The grieving process

When something dies (or ends), you grieve.

You remember times of the past, in the past, with the past. You remember times before the past. That is, you wonder how you lived and felt before what just died was even in your life. You question and replay, rewind and analyze. It’s a consuming process.

The grieving process often comes upon you unannounced, much like the ending you’re grieving may have. And that’s the key to its weight, to the difficulty you face in dealing with it. When you don’t expect something you can’t prepare for it, and even when you do expect something but don’t know when it’ll happen, you can only be so prepared for it.

But, like all things, it ends, and then you question the process that just ended – maybe not right away but eventually you do. What was it for? Did it carry any meaning, was there some greater meaning to the hard emotional and mental time you just went through?

And those questions don’t have answers, not meaningful ones anyway.

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