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Merry Christmas!

One day closer to this very trying of years to be over…

Time and the movies

[Maybe I've written about this before, I don't recall.]

The moment between the bar and the bedroom, or living room or whatever it may be – in the movies they go to it instantly from one scene to the next. But that’s not how it happens in real life: there’s the car ride over, the walk/ride up the stairs/elevator, opening and walking through the door, turning the lights on (or maybe not), etc.

What happens in real life, then? That moment in the bar, when that passion got ignited…a lot of time has passed since that moment. There has been conversation (awkward at moments I’m sure unless they’ve done this many times before), moments of intimacy while transitioning from bar to bedroom, perhaps some discomfort… Those moments don’t get shown (the movie would be endless if they did).

Sure, I’m reading too much into what is simply being suggested and not accurately depicted, but some more accuracy would feel like showing a bit more respect to Father Time (which he gets one way or another in the end).

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