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On harsh realities of life

It’s one (better) thing to be brought face-to-face with life’s harsh realities, e.g., money rules the day. It’s worse, in the scope of daily living, to start life racked with the anxiety of these (as of yet hypothetical) realities, so as to be brought closer to experiencing them – through the resultant compromised understanding (and fear) of things as they are – vs. the actual experiencing of them through life’s own unmerciful dealings.

In other words, you can certainly harm a child’s chances of becoming a successful and independent individual by coddling him. But conversely, you can do similar harm by alighting the child of life’s harsh realities too early, especially if he hasn’t yet had the opportunity to have meaningful experiences in relation to which he is to assess the (lesser) importance of these negative hypotheticals in his (still very much volatile) understanding of life as a whole.

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