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On keeping records

I have been wondering since an early age why so much time is spent on making and curating records (of pretty much everything you can think of, both public and private).

But I’m learning through living that record-keeping is truly invaluable, because not only does it serve to remind you of facts and thoughts, it also lets you know, to a reasonable certainty, how you felt at a particular time or through some incident. That’s more than invaluable, because memory simply (and quite unfortunately) cannot be trusted, however much we may want to believe in our own recollections out of the sincerest and cleanest of intentions.

To this end, I have started recording mundane details of my daily activities. It will probably slow down or stop altogether once I’m busier again, but even already, when it hasn’t been that long since noting them, I’m finding being able to look back for reference quite helpful in making decisions for the present moment based on learning from past observations.

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