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Rant no. 1

I guess I’m trying to find or define the essence of man – what remains that’s common to us all after the money and fame and fortune (or misfortune) are stripped away. What remains then, what thoughts, actions, and feelings?

I want to know what remains after you take aware where one lives and what outward activities every day requires of them to keep on living. Those places and activities vary drastically between cultures and social classes, but there has to be something basic that is very much in common (otherwise people wouldn’t be able to communicate with and understand each other).

There has to be a common ground of desires and motives, to survive, to want to thrive, to make effort to exist and co-exist. To be able to communicate and to want to communicate are separate things, but both require there be something to form a common ground…that something is what I am after, to know it, understand it, and express in my own words.

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