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Gone Girl book review

I dare say[1], it’s not a very well-written book. I would describe it as elementary, and not refined or sophisticated. That made is easy (and fast) to read but not very enjoyable for the writing itself.


  • The story is good, and inventive[2]
  • The story seemed solid, and the plot well thought out[3]
  • Writing is accessible, not obscure[4]

Not so good

  • Nothing worth quoting – a phrase or sentence that stands out, stands on its own.
  • I’m all for fucking and getting fucked, etc., but the descriptions of sex in this book were more vulgar than explicit[5]. Perhaps they were meant to be more realistic than artistic, but I think a better balance could – and should – have been found between the two.
  • I personally didn’t care for the “Amazing Amy” part of the storyline. It seemed too…convenient, as a feature of the plot, to build part of the story around; it just seemed more of a crutch for the story than a natural part of it.

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