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Category Archives: diary

12/28/11 / Gift-wrap

I needed something other than The Varieties of Religious Experience to read – to, you know, not have to use my brain so much all the time while reading, to not feel so mentally engaged on every sentence and exclaim “Wow!” inside my head on William James’ every immaculately worded passage – so I went [...]

Merry Christmas!

One day closer to this very trying of years to be over… Time and the movies [Maybe I've written about this before, I don't recall.] The moment between the bar and the bedroom, or living room or whatever it may be – in the movies they go to it instantly from one scene to the [...]

10/20/11 / Fist

Soil The soil of a land should tell its story But it doesn’t. Stories are human, whether inherently or not And need to be told by us.

10/14/11 / This is Nobel

Vaccuming There’s something…sweetly gratifying about seeing the dust and dirt collected in the see-through chamber of the vacuum cleaner after giving it a run on the floor, or even more, using the nozzle tool to clean nooks and crannies. Nobel-worthy quotation We came up the walk, between the slow, thought-brewing, beat-up old heads, liver-spotted, of [...]

10/09/11 / Last

Wherever you go I had heard it before, “You take yourself with you wherever you go,” or alternatively, “Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.” And it sounded something of a tautology, until a few days ago, when it just made a bit more sense. Augie March You shouldn’t be angry for hearing the [...]

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