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Category Archives: diary

The grieving process

When something dies (or ends), you grieve. You remember times of the past, in the past, with the past. You remember times before the past. That is, you wonder how you lived and felt before what just died was even in your life. You question and replay, rewind and analyze. It’s a consuming process. The [...]

6/26/11 / New low

Song of the day New low by Middle Class Rut I have no space No room to move around And this box is getting smaller I’m trying to get out How did I get so far From where I was When did I decide To lose my way Who have I become I’ve got a [...]

5/31/11 / Endgame

Mysterious recall As I walked out this morning, I grabbed the thin orange notebook off my kitchen counter that simply reads: 1-subject notebookCOLLEGE RULED | 70 SHEETS10.5 in x 8 in | 26.7 cm x 20.3 cm As I mentioned the cover is orange, and the only other writing on it is in the bottom [...]

5/12/11 / Monotonous

“Don’t patronize me!” Every time I hear the phrase “Don’t patronize me!” or some variant thereof on television shows or in movies, I wonder to myself about a possible dilemma. The proper use of the word “patronize” in this context is pronounced pat-ronize, and not pate-ronize, as most people I’ve heard use it say it. [...]

2/07/11 / Catherine’s

Song of the day When did your heart go missing by Rooney Love don’t come so easily This doesn’t have to end in tragedy I have you and you have me We’re one in a million Why can’t you see? I’m waiting, waiting for nothing You’re leaving, leaving me hanging When did your heart go [...]

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