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Category Archives: education

Commit crime => get free classes!

I heard on the radio this morning that inmates in some Colorado prisons get to take classes for free, in subjects like graphic design, and then they even get a certificate (in this case from the Pueblo Community College). My first thought was… Nice, so you commit a crime, go to jail where everything is [...]

1/04/10 / Supa

On reading a good long book Coming to the end of a good, long book is akin to saying farewell to a good friend for some time. It’s not just the characters and setting in a good story that capture you; if a story is well-written, well-told, you establish a connection of feelings with it, [...]

12/14/09 / Jaquith

On genius and polymaths I wrote something similar before, but it occurred to me while driving that the canons of so many disciplines are comprised of the works of just a few men. How does it come to be like that? It’s like a big bang of sorts: the early minutes of a new discipline [...]

On auditing courses

Why do colleges charge so much to just audit their courses? Normally it’s the same fee as taking courses for credit. In fact, why do colleges charge at all for auditing courses? I see several advantages (and no disadvantages) to colleges letting people (students and non-students) audit their courses for free: First and foremost, it’s [...]

9/11/09 / Plumbline

Last night there were thousands of little American flags on one of the lawns of the University of Colorado campus, in honor of 9/11 victims. I’ve realized what graduate school is all about, at least for the people who go there to seriously learn. It’s about learning the language and concepts to be able to [...]

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