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Category Archives: India

1/1/13 / Ring

India really sucks Wow. There’s a song in Hindi, which, translated, is titled “I am a rapist.”

Precious commentary

2010 Commonwealth Games These comments, in response to an article about India’s lack of preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, are quite funny and carry a lot of subtext (cultural stereotype and intolerance anyone?). If only their authors could spell and successfully assemble simple sentences I would be inclined to take them seriously, but they’re [...]

11/30/09 / Envelope

Jaspal Bhatti’s Flop Show OMG! I randomly remembered one of the funniest shows from growing up (sorry, it’s in Hindi)! It’s actually online!! It’s called Flop Show and it’s by Jaspal Bhatti. E-readers If record sales of an expensive electronic reading device are any indication, I take comfort in the fact that reading as an [...]

11/13/09 / Cast

I came across this dialog box on a recent website. Right away I saw the tell-tale sign that told me someone in India had worked on this website/product.

11/11/09 / Mya

For some reason I was thinking earlier about the things Indian people found ridiculous about life in the west, and jokingly talked about at their parties. A couple that came to mind: Inmates in Canada have access to books and television. Indian people joked that inmates in Western countries live better than most people back [...]

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