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Category Archives: internet

So sweet


Who things up this random nonsense? This is the sole content on the “not found” page on some website I came across. Why not…My oracle at the bottom of the sea with the red pants told me so? My point is that it’s cute until it’s random and meaningless enough to be stupid.

“Wanna see my boobs???”

I have no idea how she got my username, or who she even is, for that matter! From what I’ve heard though, this isn’t a uniquely American experience. In fact I think it’s more common in countries where the Internet is still not readily available or easy to access, where people (kids especially) still go [...]

Angie’s List doesn’t seem all that great

I was about to try Angie’s List just now but then I came across a couple of web pages, including this on the New York Times website, which makes me conclude that it may not be the best place for honest reviews of service providers. One particularly disturbing comment (2nd from top) is from Dean [...]

Google Maps’ “street view” is personally useful

There has been some controversy lately about the “street view” feature of Google Maps, and privacy issues related to it. But from a personal point of view, I find the feature quite useful. I’m a very visual person, especially when it comes to geography. I’ve had the term physicality in my personal lexicon for several [...]

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