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Ideas for writing

Sometimes I get little snippets of ideas for writing, but since I’m not in a writing frame-of-mind these days, I figured if I’m not going to write out the piece itself, I could at least write down the idea, perhaps to inspire myself later or even someone else.

  • Last night I finished One Hundred Years of Solitude. Toward the end the thought occurred to me that I got the book from a library sale for $1. What are the chances that there’s a page missing somewhere in the book? I’ve made it to the end, what if one of the last 10 pages is missing? Could I get through the book? I thought it would be fun to write about a reader who encounters such a situation, and how he deals with it. I didn’t think it out far enough to consider how he would actually deal with it, but it would be interesting.
  • What is the interaction between the interaction of couples in real life with the image portrayed in films and television of such interactions?

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