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Like a leech, latch onto love.
Suck soft skin sore.

Emotion raging forth at the speed of black,
burning every moment to devour all, blood bones and bile.

On the bed, lying pathetically miserably at the mercy of;
alive each moment only to show no mercy.

Anger darker than night, rage mightier than elephant;
love loftier than lust, hate hotter than hell.

Throw away humanity, succumb to ego.
Envision grandiose, absurd and superlative, unthinkable and immortal.

Leave a stain, leave a mark.
One for the books, one for the veins, one for the tears, for the morning after that won’t come.

Stress the word so pen breaks, paper pierces, hand cramps;
Word strong as sea, strange as self, somber as sunset.

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