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My love

My love is like water,
A bead of which I carry on the tip of my index finger and gently draw out on your skin, tracing the underside of your breasts.

My love is like air,
Which flows through you like a summer breeze. It animates your hair and disturbs your body in such a way as to constantly remind nature of how alive you are. It greedily steers toward you, sometimes traveling thousands of miles just to feel your presence, and as it moves away, it carries your soft fragrance to the farthest corners of the world.

My love is like fire,
The heat from which makes sweat drip from your pores. I can feel it when you breathe heavily under the compulsion of my touch. Your breath tastes of lust. The light of the fire shines forth from your eyes, and it lights up my dark insides which otherwise remain dim and hidden from the world. The light exposes me to you, just as the heat opens you up for me, and in that moment we’re the keepers of one another’s most vulnerable and valuable possessions: our spirit, our shame, our longings, and our soul.

My love is like earth,
Which grounds your otherwise lofty essence. You would fly away a million miles were it not for my love. On the wings of my love you reach the end of the universe, and return home to find comfort, solace, and peace.

My love is like space,
Empty for you to dance in, open for you to explore to its limitless expanses, and pure so you may run around in it, in your naked glory, without worry of corruption. Sometimes you get cold in this empty space. You feel goosebumps all along your arms and your legs, your back and your stomach, your neck and your breasts. Every inch of you, every curve, feels exposed – yet you’re exposed to nothing. It is then that I wrap myself around you and shield you from your own imagination. I cover you like a silk robe and feel the bumps on your body and the hardness of your nipples. You lay your head on my shoulder and I feel the coolness of your breath on my neck. As I hold you, I perceive the smallest changes in you, and I sigh with joy as you breathe warmly again. Your body is soft and nimble again as you collapse in my arms, and I carry you away, to hide you further, from emptiness itself.

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