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No title #2

Press you in my eyes
squeeze out your essence.
Dress you in disguise
drown out your presence.

Live to see another morning
drink to sleep another night.
Strain to see the picture forming
Freeze as it does from sheer fright.

Take you to the corner
make you remove the mask.
Twist you till you’re a little warmer
till you submit and let me bask.

Pictures and words will never speak
the face and notion of what I say.
Heroes and villains will come out bleak
in the ordinariness of another day.

Beauty in your eyes crowds my vision,
beauty in your lips drowns my voice.
Beauty in your touch grants omission
to unbearable fuzzy outside noise.

Pendulum of time swings
making music in rhythmic sound.
The eagle soars on boundless wings
reveling in possibility of what be found.

A rhyme the world never saw
a rhyme the world never will see.
A rhyme frozen, let to thaw
a rhyme not content to just be.

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