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Lapis tears

I’d let you cry but your tears drown me in sorrow.
Even though you’re the one crying, mine is the greater pain at the sight of you.
My heart skips a beat and my knees tremble when I see your tears.
They take me back to a sad time, which I freed myself from with great anguish and never wish to see again.

That was a time you cried daily, and even though on a daily level I didn’t cry with you,
my heart was crying even when you weren’t.
You lived a depraved life then, and I was standing right by you,
watching helplessly, crying silently.

They’re not something you can hide,
so I don’t resent you them.
But if you could hold them till the door closes behind me,
we could both go on with our day, even if only to relive the romance one more time, hoping hopelessly it’s the last time.

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