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Who things up this random nonsense? This is the sole content on the “not found” page on some website I came across.

Why not…My oracle at the bottom of the sea with the red pants told me so?

My point is that it’s cute until it’s random and meaningless enough to be stupid.

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“Wanna see my boobs???”

I have no idea how she got my username, or who she even is, for that matter!

From what I’ve heard though, this isn’t a uniquely American experience. In fact I think it’s more common in countries where the Internet is still not readily available or easy to access, where people (kids especially) still go to “cyber cafes” to check e-mails and, as goggleslarissa says, to make new friends.

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Think outside

Just thought:

The best way to think outside the box is to eliminate it altogether.

I have no idea what it means, yet. More precisely, I have no idea what I mean by it. But it has potential; it’s vague enough, I think, to have some “new age” meaning given to it later on, if and when something comes to mind. So convenient!

Speaking of cliches: LinkedIn’s top 10 overused résumé phrases

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7/4/13 / Happy happy joy joy

Privacy policy bullshit

Why the fuck do companies – lawyers really, I suppose – make statements like the following in their privacy policies?

will not knowingly sell, share, rent or otherwise transfer your information other than in accordance with the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Isn’t that the legalese equivalent of saying the following?

Dear user, we’ll set the rules however the hell we feel like it, but you have our assurance that we at least have the decency not to violate our own policy after we make it. But as for how ethical or exploitative what we decide on is to begin with, well, we just won’t go there for now…good day.


It’s completely random, but this is the most perfectly egg-shaped head I’ve ever seen!

I haven’t modified the original photo in any way except crop and enlarge.

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Formula One vs…

Comparison of four Mercedes-Benz cars of different power classes, from production to Formula One.


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