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3/24/13 / Chintzy

For lack of a better word I plucked chintzy from my vocabulary to lasso in a group of web development books I’ve come across recently. These books are fine, but the names make me cringe and want to not read them. Books like:

2/11/12 / Rock on

Books and movies I used to wonder why people bought books and movies. Once you’ve read or watched it, why would you visit it again, i.e. how would you forget it? Now I know. No one knows No one knows anyone – husbands don’t know wives, brothers don’t know sisters, parents don’t know children, lovers [...]

7/25/10 / Naga

Overwhelmed by choice An edited version of a proposal for study I wrote up for a Ph.D. program I applied to (and didn’t get in to): To keep track or not…that is the question There’s a part of me that wants to record things, like the books I’ve read and when (which I do record), [...]

My problem with contemporary…

…literature, I’ve today realized, is that it’s not vetted through the filter of time. There are so many contemporary books that just won’t matter 1, 5, 10, 50 years from now. When children of that generation want to read quality they’ll have a solid filtered selection of books to choose from, books that have stood [...]

6/19/09 / Taraf

[I'm sure I've written something along these lines here before, but here it is again.] With each new book I read, the thirst grows stronger, the void grows greater – the void of all that I haven’t read, of all the knowledge I don’t have and perhaps may never have. But, the crucial comfort I [...]

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