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1/01/10 / Decadent

Volvo cars I’d like to contemplate on another (see below) curious question at the start of a new year, something that’s been on my mind throughout the latter part of last year (mainly because I live in Boulder and see them everywhere): Why do people buy Volvo cars? What is their appeal? I can understand [...]

12/27/09 / On advice

“You live only as long as you can lie into the mug of anybody, and without batting an eye. And when you can’t anymore, well, it’s time to get hold of that razorblade.” -Tranquility, Attila Bartis, Pg. 99 With the proliferation of advice – on the Internet, in the news, on television shows (Oprah, Dr. [...]

10/31/09 / Thermos

I bought myself a Thermos today. The idea is to bring coffee or tea with me to the library to do work instead of spending $2 (at least) everytime to go to a coffee shop. It was only $5! This world, I’m realizing more and more to my dismay, is built not for breadth, but [...]

Where I’ve lived

I wanted to see on a map all the places I’ve lived in so far. View Larger Map

Airport trip

I wanted to map the way I just took back from Denver International Airport.  I wanted to avoid the E-470 tollway so I kept driving, making sure I headed North and West, figuring I would eventually get to Boulder. The airport is farther than I thought, farther than Philadelphia International is from Wilmington. View Larger [...]

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