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Formula One vs…

Comparison of four Mercedes-Benz cars of different power classes, from production to Formula One. Beautiful.

2/26/10 / Dongle

The love of animals They say humans need love; that if there’s anything man needs besides air, water, and bread it’s love and the companionship of others. So I wonder how loving an animal is different from loving another human. Is it really a different love in quality? Aside from the obvious sexual component, what [...]

3/09/09 / Kid

9:15 AM I can still feel yesterday’s hike in my calves. From the State Parks website: Eldorado Canyon Trail Permitted: pedestrians and horses Miles paved: 0 Miles non-paved: 3.5 Total distance: 3.5 one-way Usage: Moderate Degree of difficulty: Moderate/Difficult Beginning Elevation: 6,000 ADA accessible: No Pets: Yes, and on six foot leash under control at [...]

1/22/09 / eGo

9:49 PM Just watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Since lists are in, I’ll note my observations in list form: The movie was too long The old lady’s voice is horrendous and hard to understand It seemed like a remake of Forrest Gump (not exact, of course), because: Brad Pitt was narrating his own [...]

12/15/08 / Found

9:42 PM Finished Take Back Your Life! Overall I found it to be very good – among the better time-management books I’ve read, and I think I know why. This book brings to life the principles it teaches by incorporating them into Outlook 2007, so that instead of leaving you to adapt the methodology to [...]

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