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1/1/13 / Ring

India really sucks Wow. There’s a song in Hindi, which, translated, is titled “I am a rapist.”

Precious commentary

2010 Commonwealth Games These comments, in response to an article about India’s lack of preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, are quite funny and carry a lot of subtext (cultural stereotype and intolerance anyone?). If only their authors could spell and successfully assemble simple sentences I would be inclined to take them seriously, but they’re [...]

11/13/09 / Cast

I came across this dialog box on a recent website. Right away I saw the tell-tale sign that told me someone in India had worked on this website/product.

11/11/09 / Mya

For some reason I was thinking earlier about the things Indian people found ridiculous about life in the west, and jokingly talked about at their parties. A couple that came to mind: Inmates in Canada have access to books and television. Indian people joked that inmates in Western countries live better than most people back [...]

7/01/09 / Rescue

I drove 433 miles on 10.03 gallons of gas. That’s 43.17 miles per gallon. “You’re in ruins…” If you have the stomach for it, read this description of this sick practice in Pakistan where they torture bears for entertainment. The practice is condemned by the Pakistani government, and even by Islamic law, but it still [...]

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