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Day trip / macro shots

This (below) is what makes Colorado…Colorado – this and not being offered a plastic bag by default no matter how small a purchase may be at the grocery or drug store. Another shot taken while driving a dirt road. We stopped at a park and I did some shooting with the macro lens. (View here.) [...]

3/01/09 / Hoarde

9:11 PM After Lila chewed up the arms of my reading glasses, I tried to get a new pair made with the same prescription, but apparently the life of a prescription is three years, so I had to see the optometrist again. Apparently my eye prescription got a bit stronger since the last time I [...]

1/20/09 / Squirm

2:44 PM This is what’s going on in my town! A woman escaped serious injury and refused medical treatment after a cow knocked her down and walked on her legs. Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks ranger Pete Taylor said the woman was riding her bicycle along the South Boulder Creek Trail on Monday when [...]

Where I’ve lived

I wanted to see on a map all the places I’ve lived in so far. View Larger Map

Airport trip

I wanted to map the way I just took back from Denver International Airport.  I wanted to avoid the E-470 tollway so I kept driving, making sure I headed North and West, figuring I would eventually get to Boulder. The airport is farther than I thought, farther than Philadelphia International is from Wilmington. View Larger [...]

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