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2/11/12 / Rock on

Books and movies I used to wonder why people bought books and movies. Once you’ve read or watched it, why would you visit it again, i.e. how would you forget it? Now I know. No one knows No one knows anyone – husbands don’t know wives, brothers don’t know sisters, parents don’t know children, lovers [...]

Merry Christmas!

One day closer to this very trying of years to be over… Time and the movies [Maybe I've written about this before, I don't recall.] The moment between the bar and the bedroom, or living room or whatever it may be – in the movies they go to it instantly from one scene to the [...]

7/25/10 / Naga

Overwhelmed by choice An edited version of a proposal for study I wrote up for a Ph.D. program I applied to (and didn’t get in to): To keep track or not…that is the question There’s a part of me that wants to record things, like the books I’ve read and when (which I do record), [...]

On Invictus

Leave it to Clint Eastwood to make a superb film that depicts important social issues, tells an important story based on actual events, and entertains throughout. Morgan Freeman was brilliant, probably his best role ever. Matt Damon fit the role perfectly but unfortunately it didn’t call for much from him, range wise. Eastwood has mastered [...]

11/10/09 / SDHC

I saw State of Play over the weekend, and overall I was a bit disappointed. Two specific points stuck out for me: The relationship between Russell Crowe’s and Robin Wright Penn’s characters seemed superfluous, unnecessary to the plot of the movie. It was poorly developed and portrayed. What was the point of them having romantic/sexual [...]

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