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3/13/13 / Long sleep

Useless I have just decided that every universally applicable axiom of life[5] is utterly devoid of any value toward guiding you how to act in your day-to-day life, toward abiding to said axiom. “Universal truths” like the following come to mind: Life is all about balance[6] Practice discipline For advice you can actually implement, it’s [...]

Life’s a zero-sum game

I’m picturing a tent pitched securely into the ground on a mildly windy day… You can blow and pump and flutter all you want, get as much air under that thin skin between the earth and the sky, make it appear as big and important as you may want, but eventually you’ll run out of [...]

On blogging and twitter-ing

This image was suggested by tagaroo as being revelevant to this post based on its content. Blogging is already a form of hubris, but twitter-ing takes it to a whole new level. “Listen to me world. This is what I’m doing, this is where I am, this is what I’m thinking about something that doesn’t [...]

12/06/09 / Buyer beware

On death and surviving it Should we be concerned about what those who survive us think about us after we’re gone? In a glimpse of a TV show episode I just saw, a woman finds out that when her husband had a car accident (in which he died), there was another woman in the car [...]

12/04/09 / Just talking

Stumbling on Happiness Why do I create with words and pictures and not with bricks and mortar and silicon and chemicals? I’m not asking rhetorically but in earnest. What draws me to these things than others? In Stumbling on Happiness, Daniel Gilbert says that we don’t realize how similar we are to other people, that [...]

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