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[I wrote this back in March, but for some reason didn't publish it. Now when I look at it again, I can't remember why I wrote it or why I didn't just publish it then.] Cry, dear Soul For all that was And all that wasn’t For what transpired And all that didn’t happen. Cry, [...]

A short little poemme

I bought me a fancy pen From eBay To write short sentences Like Hemingway

1/24/10 / Finkel

Poem of the day Faith by Robert Kendall Quote of the day These were the streets where we had lived, these the houses, during a period of time when today could not influence tomorrow, and we possessed the confidence to argue about things we did not understand. -”The Walls of Avila”, Lost in Uttar Pradesh, [...]

On Invictus

Leave it to Clint Eastwood to make a superb film that depicts important social issues, tells an important story based on actual events, and entertains throughout. Morgan Freeman was brilliant, probably his best role ever. Matt Damon fit the role perfectly but unfortunately it didn’t call for much from him, range wise. Eastwood has mastered [...]

11/12/09 / Regime de Vivre

I haven’t come across Lord Wilmot, Earl of Rochester‘s poetry before, but it’s quite succinct and flows well: I rise at eleven, I dine about two, I get drunk before seven; and the next thing I do, I send for my whore, when for fear of a clap, I spend in her hand, and I [...]

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