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On Nikon’s taxonomy

[I thought about whether to post this or not, because it's rather trivial and inconsequential. But I haven't written in a while, and that's not good for SEO, so I'll write it just for that reason (if not to simply get something trivial and inconsequential off my chest)] I’m confounded by Nikon‘s taxonomy for their [...]

8/18/10 / Arroyo

Meditation Accounting Sex Exercising Writing Drawing Competing Doctoring is something we do, not who we are, but the problem is that “who we are” cannot be expressed easily, if at all, in words, and so we end up talking about “what we do” instead in terms of who we are. I think about these things.

8/03/10 / Farm

We are an ungrateful people I don’t mean just in the big sense – having this wonderful life to live, living in the United States, etc., etc. – but rather the small, everyday stuff. Like Yahoo! Mail. Like Dropbox and Live Mesh. These services are offered to us for “free”, while someone “back there” has [...]

7/25/10 / Naga

Overwhelmed by choice An edited version of a proposal for study I wrote up for a Ph.D. program I applied to (and didn’t get in to): To keep track or not…that is the question There’s a part of me that wants to record things, like the books I’ve read and when (which I do record), [...]

3/25/10 / Chorus

Kundera on poets and poetry in Life is Elsewhere Poetry is a domain in which all assertions become true. Yesterday the poet said: “Life is as useless as tears,” today he says: “Life is as joyous as laughter,” and he is right both times. Today he says” “Everything ends and gives way to silence,” and [...]

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