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On blogging and twitter-ing

This image was suggested by tagaroo as being revelevant to this post based on its content. Blogging is already a form of hubris, but twitter-ing takes it to a whole new level. “Listen to me world. This is what I’m doing, this is where I am, this is what I’m thinking about something that doesn’t [...]

1/20/10 / Consequence

Thought of the day If ever you feel like complaining about how you look – that you look fat, or your eyes are puffy or your hair not optimum – I offer to come to you, wherever you are, at my own expense, and break your legs or teeth or any other part of your [...]

12/09/09 / Goof

On (my own) judgment and prejudices I’d like to confess: I found $5 outside the library yesterday, and I took it. (Before I did though, I wondered whether it was a trick someone was playing: maybe it was a psychology experiment some graduate students at CU were doing; maybe someone made a bet with a [...]

11/11/09 / Mya

For some reason I was thinking earlier about the things Indian people found ridiculous about life in the west, and jokingly talked about at their parties. A couple that came to mind: Inmates in Canada have access to books and television. Indian people joked that inmates in Western countries live better than most people back [...]

10/12/08 / Bridge

How embedded is this thing called life in the physicality that surrounds and divides it? It’s a question of what I call, for some time now, the sheer physicality of things. The question, in other words, is how much does where we live affect our life? Our house, the shops we buy from to furnish [...]

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